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General Club Information

Columbus Volleyball Academy - Pickerington, has been in existence since 2006. We strive to run a high quality program with honesty and integrity at the forefront of everything we do. In the world of club sports, it is very difficult to decipher the good from the not so good. As a parent of two former club volleyball players, our family experienced both. I can say with certainty that we work hard to spend as much of the fee as possible on coaching, and the direct costs that are involved with being on a club team. 

The promise I will make to any player in our club is that we will not put our players in a situation that we do not feel they will be successful in or have the potential to be successful in. Our staff will do their very best to determine that situation. 

2022-2023 Season -NEWS

Welcome back for the 2022-2023 Club season!

Thank you to everyone that came to tryouts!

Parent player meeting November 27 at 7:00pm

Pickerington North HS. It is mandatory that your daughter attend. We are uniform sizing that evening.




WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR 1-2 PLAYERS FOR OUR U13 OR 7TH GRADE TEAM, AND 1-2 PLAYERS FOR OUR U14 8 THE GRADE TEAM. If you know of a player that is interested, or if you were previously waitlisted at tryouts, please contact Lori Sanders.


WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR 1-2 COACHES IN OUR YOUNGER AGE GROUPS. If you know of a coach looking to join a club please send them my way! We lost a few coaches this year due to geography and too heavy of a college work load!

If you have further questions please contact:

Lori Sanders

Tune up and try out links are live!

New club players or new to CVA?

Once tryouts are completed:

December - Open gyms occur in December for our 13's and above teams. They are optional but HIGHLY encouraged! These are not practices but loosely structured sessions.

January - Practices will start when school returns in Pickerington from winter break for our 13s and up teams, and later in January for our 11's and 12's. Practices will be twice a week until OVR championships in April or May depending on the team. The exception is that you may have the week of spring break off if you do not have a tournament that weekend.

Training - Each team (13's and up) will be scheduled for an additional training session every other week.

Tournaments - Most of the schedule is usually available at tryout time. This will depend on the number that have been made available by that time.

Uniforms -

11's - 1 jersey and 1 pair of spandex shorts

12's - 17's Regional Teams - 2 jerseys and 2 pair of spandex

13's - 17's American  and 18 Regional Teams - 2 jerseys, 2 spandex, top and bottom warm up's

Fees - Fee schedule will be posted annually, but if you need it prior to then, please email Lori at or call 614-975-1096 for the current fees. We have published these preseason in the past and frankly there are more questions than if we simply say please contact me. Fees depend on whether the team is Regional or American, and a split or full season. The rates are also different for 11's, 12's and 13's & up.

We hope this has helped you gather some basic information as you start your journey to find the right club that fits you!

Good Luck,

Lori Sanders, Director