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Juniors clinic start April 19!. Registration form below. Please contact Lori Sanders if you have questions.

Updates as Needed!


Practice on Wednesday January 26. Is cancelled. There is no school that day. We will be rescheduling this practice either this Thursday or next week on Tuesday. Stay tuned for information from your coach!


Below is a schedule for taking your player's plus coach headshots. We do these for the website team pages. Coach Audrey and Mr. Ryan Benroth will be taking pictures.

Players - Your long sleeve jersey will be passed out to you for your picture. If you are way behind with fees it will be taken back until such a time as you attempt to get up to date!

Coach - Please wear a CVA shirt. Everyone has something!

Monday - January 24 

12 White - 5:00 Fairfield - Ryan

Make-up Pictures

Week of January 24th - Ryan

Thank you for having everyone ready for those awesome pictures! 



January 3 Update

Hi all and we hope you have had a peaceful holiday break and are ready to kick it off in the next few weeks!

A few reminders:


This is the single most important thing right now. If you have not upgraded your USAV membership you must do it NOW. Once we start practice this regsitration covers your liability cannot practice without it. This includes coaches and the credentials you will need!!


Yes money first! Get those fees in. Some of you are in danger of not practicing and will be contacted individually. We give grace over the holidays so if you missed December please get back on track in January!

Uniforms, spiritwear, etc

Anything that has been ordered will be delivered as soon as it comes in. Asking me if your order is in will not make it come any faster!


We have several start dates in the next few weeks. They are all dependent on overall season schedule, and when younger team coaches feel they need to start. 13-18s all start Wednesday. 12Navy - Wedensday, 12White will not start until the 19th. Their season goes into mid May, and 11 Navy will start Thursday this week.


Violet and Fairfield - make sure you go to the side of the buildings where the gym entrances are. It will take all building custodians a little while to be used to us coming regularly. Again............calling me does not make the custodian come faster. I will be emailing the buildings tomorrow to give them our schedule and so we can remind them to come let us in!


Later today I will be posting an updated tournament schedule. There are changes.

16 Navy is playing in Winterfest

14 teams are both in the single day Coshocton tournament

12 Navy - has 2 tournaments they are no longer in (1 cancelled all together and 1 we did not get in) I have added a new one and we are waiting to hear about a second one.



Glad we go that all out.

Take care and please be sure to read all the information we send as we go.



Tournament Results

Congratulations teams!

12 White 2nd place Silver!


2021-2022 Documents