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CVA preseason information

Hi families,

November 26 - Happy Thanksgiving!

  • As we look to next week, please check the NEW open gym schedule I have posted to the right. I have tried to assign team so there is not a lot of crossing over in the gyms for open gym. Open gym will be a masks on frequent break session! Join us!
  • 13 white practices have moved to Toll Gate. 16 Navy practice is now at 5:30.
  • You will be receiving a communication from your coach shortly regarding sizing. The 13s-15s have had a sizing guideline. The coaches for 16-18  will forward the older teams the guideline. Most players by then know their sizes.
  • Please join the CVA website through so that you will be on sportingin. Please use the email thatbyou used for your tryout information through USA volleyball. You will receive a team assignment through sport ingin, but you have to jon the site first.
  • More to come!

If you have committed, please start checking the website and your email frequently. In the next two weeks you will see alot of information come. It is expected that you check that mail and know what is coming. Please use the email that you regsitered for tryouts with. That is the email we use to send information to all of you!

2021 documents

2020 Fall Juniors Clinic

Our 2020 fall juniors clinic registration is now available. This is a 5 week clinic series in November and December geared toward Grades 2-6.

Juniors Clinics start Monday November 16. Please check you email for the final schedule you are assigned to, sent on Friday November 13.