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February 21,2019

I am not sure where the comunication break down came from but there IS training tonight and that has not changed since the schedule was published in late November.




Welcome back to January reality (although the sun sure makes it a little more bareable)!

There are several things to pass along as we start the season. Your coaches are copied on this so that we are all on the same page! 



Is everything! So here is a general rule. Now that all schedules have been distributed and are accessible on the website please direct questions to your coach. If they cannot answer it they will contact me. ANY changes will be posted on the website, sent to coaches and posted on facebook. If you have questions regarding fees or club issues at the coach level or above PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me. I have tried to make every effort to put out all information you will need so please check places first before contacting your coach or myself. It is literally impossible to be available to answer day to day questions as a convenience to parents that choose not to look for the information first!! Obviously if you have looked and don't find things you are looking for please feel free.



13-17s start this week. You will always enter at the Toll Gate Middle School doors. You will need to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to be let in the door. Doors are locked throughout so if you are a parent that needs in after practice has started..........please make a friend on your team and exchange phone numbers to let you in! If you are arriving late to practice please make sure your coach knows so hat someone can let you in if it is after practice arrival time. 



13s-17s - Conditioning will always be from 7:15-7:45. This is considered part of your practice. Quite frankly we get the most complaints or questions about why we do conditioning and I am shocked. If all of our athletes come to us on January 1 in tip top shape there would still be some form of conditioning. It is just part of playing a sport. I don't know any other sport hat does ot do some type of conditioning. Our 3 days a week have a varied protocol with some choices that coaches make. One day may be more speed and agility, one day more strength based, one day more plyo based. Coaches are not just making it up. It is a structured program for 16 weeks. Please respect the intent. If you do not feel you can physically participate your coaches will give you alternate exercises to do on the sideline. 



The schedule is set. The changes were posted on the website. There are times when things don't match on the OVR website. If you see one of those contact your coach. I am already working on a tournament that we requested, were granted entry, have paid for it, yet we did not show up on the list. These problem occur a lot. It is a massive amount of organization on a lot of people. Mistakes happen. Things get resolved one way or another. Be patient and we will figure it out! We do appreciate you letting us know if you see errors!


Out of town hotels:

The only tournament that we book as a club are Indy and Chicago. As soon as we reeive a rom block we will forward that on to the teams. If there are any team that want to contact The Lawarres


on 13 Navy, they are working on rooms for their team in Cincinnati. The more team you have the better rate you can try to get. Just a thought!

Other than that all individuals are on their own for rooms.


OVR website:

There is a vast amount of information on this site. Under juniors you can get to the tournament schedule for indoor, find the date and location, and get to anything you need to know. If you can't figure the site out take your mobile device to practice and I guarauntee you that an OVR website guru is on your team!



A payment was due in December and another is coming up on January 15. If you are at Toll Gate you may give your fee payment to your coach. I have a box there in a secure area that they can leave it in. Please don't get behind as we don't want to hold out team uniforms if people are behind.


Uniforms/Spiritwear/Mizuno gear/practice tshirts:

Will be delivered when they arrive. Asking if they are in yet does not make them come any quicker!! Once all players have their practice t-shirt it will be required that they wear a CVA tshirt to practice. Committed players will get that additional t-shirt that others received at tryouts. If all of your CVA tshirts are lost, or in the may wear a red, white, or navy blue tshirt. No writing. Turn it inside out if you need to. Please adhere to this. No shirts with your HS programs on it. We have a lot of extra shirts so if you need to buy them in a few weeks we will post a time they are available.


So before you come to practice tomorrow.......................................


You need the following completed:


1.USAV membership - The following are still not registered (12s - Strickland, Edwards, Alejandro, and O'Malley) and 16s (Alejandro). You cannot practice unless your registration is complete.


2. You USAV medical form must be turned in to you coach. If you have not done this yet please bring it to your first practice.


3. A recent email regarding Lindsay's Law requirements was sent out. See the forms on the website, view the video and handout, download and sign the form and return it to your coach. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.


It is a lot to digest and I am sure I have forgotten something, but rules are not optional. Without the necessary documents in place players will jeopardize their ability to participate in practice.


Let's start 2019 off right!!


See you tomorrow if you are a Monday practice at Toll Gate!














Fall Juniors Clinic

Fall Juniors Clinic Gr. 2-6

Juniors clinic begins Tuesday November 13th ! The location for this clinic is Fairfield Elementary on Coventry Ave. in Pickerington. We still have spots open so let us know if you would like to join!

Lori Sanders


Our juniors clinics are very popular for our young players. If you want an introduction to volleyball or are on one of our club teams, this is a great 6 week session to work on fundamental volleyball skills.

CVA will again be offering their semi annual juniors clinic for our youngest volleyball players. Attached is the mail in registration. If you need to pay by cash or credit card please contact Lori Sanders at There is a 3.5% fee on a credit card transaction.



The Lindsay's Law Sudden Cardiac Arrest Video are required (OVR requirement) viewing and reading by all parents and players. 

Please complete the following steps by you first practice.

1. Go to and view the Lindsay's Law Parent Information video with your player.

2. Read the handout below.

3. Download, sign, and return the signature form (2nd form below) to your coach at the first practice.


2018 Tryouts Information